Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Family Resolutions for a Memorable 2015

This blog describes five (5) New Year’s Resolutions that will make 2015 a memorable year.

1. Say Cheese and Get in the Photo
The first resolution is to get in the picture with your children. Many of my mom friends, myself included, spend a lot of time behind the camera when snapping photos of our kids. No matter your reason for getting behind the camera, I challenge you to get in front of it more this year. When you get in the photo with your kids, you show your children that you matter. You teach them how to be confident in their looks. Family photos not only show your kids that you were there and present with them they also help to develop their self-esteem.

This year I am challenging myself to get in more photos with my son and daughter and I invite you to join me. On Mondays, I will post a photo of myself with the kids and use the hashtag #momsphotobomb to keep track and share my photos. Please join me.

2. Create and commit to family traditions
The second resolution is to create and commit to family traditions. A family tradition can be as simple as eating dinner as a family every night or preparing a special meal on Tuesdays. No matter how elaborate or simple you choose pick something and do it consistently year to year. Because we all have fast-paced lives today, it is even more important to make deliberate efforts to have time to spend together that all family members can look forward to. A holiday, event or timely traditions brings families together in a way that we can express our unity as a family and nourish bonds that will last a lifetime. Traditions help kids feel connected with their sense of identity as a member of the family, says Psychology Today authors. Family traditions are necessary and contribute to the emotional health, self-esteem, and self-respect of family members.

3. Take a Trip to Grandpa’s House
The third resolution is to visit with family often. The hustle of the year sometimes puts visiting with family to the backburner. What we sometimes do not realize, while rushing to meet demands of others, that we are missing valuable opportunities to connect our kids with loved ones. I challenge you and myself to make more time to visit with family members, especially Grandparents. When you establish a bond with grandparents for your children, they benefit in many ways. Grandparents can provide a sense of cultural heritage and family history important for your child’s emotional health, self-esteem and self-respect says Kids Health authors.

4. Enjoy a Family vacation
The fourth resolution is to take a family vacation. Your vacation can be an elaborate cruise on the Atlantic or a simple picnic a short drive away from home. No matter how elaborate a vacation will show your kids that life is to be enjoyed. You will feel more relaxed and fulfilled in your life. The medical website WebMD says that people who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals. The health and emotional benefits of vacations make the time away from work worth it 100 times over.

5. Celebrate Every Milestone
The final resolution is to celebrate every milestone. Our kids grow very fast over the course of a year and the transitional moments should be celebrated. When you celebrate your child’s milestones you provide them with feedback and recognition needed to have a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Celebrations do not have to be grand. For example, if your toddler learns to use the potty a simple dance and a quick photo will do the trick. On the other hand, you can make your college age child a special meal before they head back to school to acknowledge their accomplishment.

What New Year’s Resolutions will you make for a more memorable 2015? 

Thank you for reading along with me this year. 
I wish you a happy, healthy and rich 2015. Happy Parenting! 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag - #PhotoBombedbyMom to keep track and share your photos with others.

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